Launch your MVP 10x faster, with less money.
Ivory was designed to automate all the common functionalities of an app and enable the development of value-adding features.
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How can Ivory help enterprises?
Accelerate corporate innovation projects and focus on creating business value.
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How does Ivory work?
Serverless architecture
Ivory uses a highly opinionated architecture based on microservices and serverless technologies provided by AWS.
Pre-built components
Ivory components are the perfect mix of design and functionality for common features such as user registration, login, etc.
Intuitive design
The frontend components are designed for an optimized user experience and for driving conversions.
Why use Ivory?
1. Off-the shelf-architecture
Considerable less time spent wiring together different technologies into a workable architecture.
2. Ready-made components
We take the latest technologies, common use cases and create generic, ready-to-use components.
3. Microservices
We use serverless services provided by AWS to create components, execute code and store data.
4. Continuous integration & delivery
A practice we use to reduce the lead-time of getting a change into production.
Want to see Ivory in action?
Get in touch to get a sneak peak into Ivory and to let us know your thoughts on what would make Ivory even better.

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